Shipping & Order Processing

What is your processing time?

5-10 business days, excluding the weekend and USPS holidays.

What are your shipping prices?

All domestic/economy shipping is free.

I have not started shipping outside of the US, but stay tuned!

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

Accidents happen! If your order has arrived damaged due to mishandling by the USPS, please email me photos of the damaged box and pieces. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of my work I may not be able to replace it, but I will do my best to accommodate.​

Do you take returns or exchanges?

I do not at this time.

Where is my package?

If you are unable to locate your package, please reach out to your local USPS.

Are you available in stores?

Mamie’s Apothecary in Carytown, Richmond VA

Muse Me Décor in Forest Hill, Richmond VA

Collab Market at Lakeside Farmer's Market
Richmond, VA

Cathedral Café in Fayetteville, West VA

Hemptuary Hawaii in Honolulu, HI

Jewelry Care

How do I care for my jewelry?

  • All the plants I use are real. Once dried, resin will preserve the colors in them. However, plants absorb light and not reflect it, so they may fade over extended periods of time.
  • To minimize fading, store jewelry in a place that does not have natural lighting (I.E., a jewelry box) to preserve pieces for many years.
  • Resin is a form of plastic, so do not expose to excessive high heat, such as in your car, or prolonged wetness (swimming, showering, etc).
  • Resin will also scratch if dropped repeatedly or stored improperly.
  • I use some brass and alloy charms, which may tarnish eventually. You can use a jewelry specific cloth to gently rub them, and it will shine again. It’s part of the charm!

Are your hooks safe for sensitive or allergic ears?

I use hypoallergenic gold-plated hooks and sterling silver hooks for most of my pieces. If it’s not, I post it in the listing.

Do you offer clip-ons or accessible clasps?

I only do this in-person at markets for now if the design allows for a hook change. You can contact me if you need something custom-made.

Your earrings are so big! Are they heavy?

I would say 95% of them are not heavy (the beauty of resin!), but I will always note if they are particularly heavier in the description. The Butterfly Hoops are especially lightweight!

How do I order custom pieces?

  • Please email me to discuss details. How long it takes to create depends on a lot of factors. 
  • I only make about 1-5 custom pieces a month, but that may change due to that month’s workload, travel plans, life, etc. 
  • I take a 50% deposit upfront.